Getting song lyrics from the internet

This may seem really basic to some people, but I’ve found that not everyone knows how to easily get information like song lyrics off the internet. I need to do this all the time so I can have the lyrics for my classes to sing. I use either my laptop or my Ipad to get a copy of the lyrics.

The process is pretty simple. First, go on Google or your search engine and put in the song title and the word “lyrics.” A lot of entries will show up. I go with one of the first ones. Once you get past the ads you will see the lyrics to whatever song you are looking for. If you want a printed copy there is usually a print option on the page so you can do that. What I do is copy the text and put it into a word document or a pages document on my Ipad. Once I have it as a document I put it into dropbox and it shows up on my Ipad. From this app it is easy to access the lyrics and project them, which is what I do. I connect to a digital projector with an adapter from my Ipad. I know that many of you have smart boards in your classrooms and you would be able to show any document on that.

One other handy accessory would be a laser pointer that you could use to follow the lyrics up on the screen.


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