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The Ants Go Marching Down

As you can see from the video, this is The Ants Go Marching Down, accompanied by banjo. This is great activity song. Have the kids stand up and march. Act out what the ants are doing, and when they are going down, have the kids get lower and lower toward the floor, then stand up again for the next verse. I know there are 10 verses but I only put 4 on here. That’s about all I can take, and it seems plenty for preschool or kindergarten classes. Actually this is also a fun one for 1st and 2nd grades.

In my assembly programs I show how When Johnny Comes Marching Home has the same music as The Ants Go Marching Home. Originally it was an Irish song called Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye, which again shows the strong Irish roots in American music.

This Land is Your Land

Here is a short version of this great song. This is usually a good length to have a class sing, unless they are an older group and you want to do more of the verses. Good sing along with a wonderful melody. I use this song for grades K – 6. Well, sometimes for 6. They are not always enthusiastic about singing! More about that later.