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Here I play the Ukulele on this fun song. Try to incorporate hand movements to show laughing, eating gum drops, and stopping. Very catchy melody that kids easily pick up and like to sing.

For older students I use it to talk about other animals that sound like they’re laughing – hyenas, monkees, donkees, sea gulls…

Also, you can discuss Australia and some of the differences between there and here.

Make it fun!


The More We Get Together

I love to have preschool and Kindergarten students do this song because it promotes friendship and is easy to learn and sing. Even better when you incorporate hand motions with it. It is a very simple song to sing and if you play an instrument it is only two chords. I do it in the key of D, so the chords are D and A. If you start in C, the chords would be C and G. In the video I use ukulele to play it. This is such a great instrument for young children to see and even strum a little.

Have fun with this song.